As the demand for plant-based foods grows beyond $14.2 billion, we are on a mission to ensure you don't get left behind.

Restaurant, cafe and hotel operations are the life-blood of their communities.

Are you a manager in the industry? Do you want to be? We want to give you the tools you need to be successful!

This course provides 3 menu hack methods to increase menu profitability by 20%, and attract new customers.

At the end of this short course, you will walk away with:

  1. a personalized menu hack roadmap to 20% more profit and get new customers.
  2. your professional certificate: Plant-Based Menu Engineering 101 Professional Certification
  3. a valuable Toolkit download including profitability calculator and media release templates.

This course will be perfect for you if you're:

a hospitality student looking to boost your ability to compete with other graduates. 

experienced hospitality manager and want to get results that boost your career.

a restaurant, café, catering or hotel business owner looking to increase your profits while attracting new loyal customers.

Students will learn how to:

  1. identify the plant-based foods that have the highest local market demand
  2. review current menu profitability and evaluate the profitability benefits of new plant-based dish options and up-sells
  3. promote the new menu items to attract new customers and group bookings for more sales (low and no cost steps)

Hospitality is serious business, but we have worked hard to make this course interesting for you.

You should enroll in this course if you want a practical toolkit and serious actionable steps that you will find useful time and again... delivered with fun case studies and cat memes!

Hi, we're the jacoi team!

At $14.2 Billion and growing, the plant-based foods market is on fire! Want your slice? 

We deliver practical training, tools, and marketing campaigns. We are a specialist marketing agency. Our work is fuelled by a love of cat memes and plant-based foods!

Our curriculum is based off plant-based foods market research spanning 12 years.

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